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I’m Artem Negri, Software Architect and IT Manager with more than 13 years experience in areas E-Commerce, Web Development, and IoT. I got a Master of Computer Science degree. During work in Ukraine, I had a different experience in Ukraine: from the junior developer, through start-up founder to lead of highload project with 40 million unique users per day in the famous company.

2015 with my family I was relocated from Odessa, Ukraine to Stuttgart, Germany, where I got challenge to be part of the development of back office in retail E-Commerce company. During four years of work in the retail company I got full responsibility for in-house developed back office when I got the promotion to Head of Development. There were quite enough challenges, from improving IT culture until the migration of monolith application to services.

By the way, I should mention I have three years of experience as a senior lecturer in University.

Details of my experience might be found at page with my career.

My free time I’m spending for family, travels, hiking, biking (MTB and gravel), web development and home automation (IoT).

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